Social Media Etiquette for Business

It is the 21st century and whether businesses want to accept it or not, being active on social media is a must! Taking this a step forward, having good social media etiquette on your social media sites is even more important. Simply having a social media website just isn’t enough anymore, the people want more! I ultimately came up with three key actions that businesses should take that will ensure that they are acting with proper social media etiquette.

1. Interact with your customers and potential customers – This is the single most important action companies must take. We all know how it feels for a celebrity or company to interact with us, whether we are complaining or begging for their attention. Not only does it humanize the company and give it personality but it makes the customer feel like the company cares.

2. Post regularly but don’t become annoying – This is also important in keeping the interest of your customers but not annoying them and giving them a reason to unfollow you. A business needs to post daily and maybe even twice a day if needed but rarely more than that. Posting too much begins to become too much like spam and WILL annoy the very people you want to keep interested. Before posting, a company should ask…is this interesting? how many times have i posted today? will this post help achieve the goal i have for my social media site? If the answers to these questions are sufficient, post it!

3. Revise EVERY post before posting it – This is an equally important tip in order for a business to maintain a good image in the eye of its customers and its potential customers. No one wants to support a company that has nothing but grammatical, spelling and formatting errors on its social media sites. It diminishes credibility and just makes your company laughable and an easy target for scrutiny. It is important for companies to read over a post several times before posting it because every post is a representation of the company, don’t make it a bad one.

violationOf course, if every company followed these rules for good social media etiquette there would be no need to bring them up. To exhibit why these rules are extremely important I found a couple examples of how failure to follow these rules can be bad for a company.

Company: Chrysler

Rule Violated: Revise EVERY post before posting it

How? Posted a tweet containing the F-word in it because the social media manager failed to ensure the tweet was coming from his or her personal account

Result: Not only did the social media manager cause the agency to be dropped by Chrysler, losing the agency a huge account but several followers were very offended by the use of the F-word from such a big company.


Company: American Air

Rule Violated: Interact with your customers and potential customers

How? Set up its Twitter to send automated “Thank you…” replies to tweets from fans and people that were also complaining.

Result: Once realized, it made the company seem insincere to the people who truly supported the company and it caused people that were complaining to the company to realize that the social media site was just nothing but an automated site that doesn’t provide for any form of resolution. Bad! Bad! Bad!



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